Advantages of Using a Local Mortgage Loan Professional

Mortgage loan specialists with a solid grounding in the local market can tailor a mortgage package to the client’s best advantage. A comprehensive mortgage loan service should cater for a range of mortgage solutions yet still utilize the latest products to give the customer a mortgage environment that is competitively sound and pocket-friendly.

Early consultation with a professional mortgage loan manager makes a significant improvement to a home seeker’s resources. Having a detailed understanding of how recent market developments might influence sale and purchase can dramatically influence the buying price of a property. And no one is a better qualified mortgage loan adviser than a local loan expert with a reliable network of contacts.

Learning about the client’s personal history and goals is a priority for a mortgage loan professional. Not all mortgage packages are suitable for every applicant and knowing where a client’s financial strengths lie facilitates securing a more attractive loan.

Getting the Most out of the Money Available

Property lending products are designed on criteria carrying a variety of conditions and requirements. Every client could not possible fit into the criteria demanded by all mortgage loan applications. A professional mortgage loan specialist will apply expert negotiation skills to secure the best mortgage offer based on the client’s personal and financial capabilities.

A mortgage ‘offer in principle’ allows the customer to house-hunt in confidence, armed with a reliable set of financial boundaries. Knowing ‘where the ceiling is’ can make the difference between buying a dream house or settling for second best in a house that does not quite fill the bill, perhaps because the client was searching in too high or too low a price bracket and closed in haste.

Disappointment is hard to put up with when seeking a new family home. A good mortgage can mean getting a better house on the capital available but mortgage loan applications can be complicated, especially when relying upon standard offers from large financial institutions with a tendency to apply a ‘one size fits all’ policy, complete with unfavorable rates of interest and uncomfortable restrictions.

Asking the Right Questions

Financial blindness makes successful property search impossible. And without the services of a mortgage loan professional with local knowledge, such handicaps are inevitable. Asking the right questions at the right time can make a significant difference to a client’s borrowing power, such as:

  • Must the mortgage be structured on one income or can a second income be included in the application? For example, often an applicant will discard a partner’s pension believing the contribution to be too small to make a difference: a mortgage loan specialist will advise on the best application methods.
  • Is there a qualification for a VA loan; an FHA loan or a USDA loan?
  • Who is to pay the closing costs? Should these costs be considered when making an offer to the seller?
  • How will personal tax issues be affected by the size of the mortgage?
  • Will previous credit difficulties preclude securing a mortgage offer?

It is widely recognized that moving to a new home is one of the most stressful experiences, coming a close third to bereavement and divorce and often two of these life changing situation must be tackled at the same time, which is why it is vital to have the best possible advice and representation from a mortgage loan specialist with a broad understanding of the area.

Local knowledge can be the best possible tool to ensure a house move goes smoothly and economically. Having a wealth of local contacts helps to ease a client’s transition from one home to another and provides invaluable information on issues that relate to settling in a new and perhaps unfamiliar environment.


Mortgage applications should run on a relatively smooth timeline but as everyone knows, things do not always go to plan. This is where an expert mortgage loan manager can pre-handle potential problems and step in to deal with small procedural difficulties before they develop into major disasters.

Closing should always be attended by a properly licensed professional with the correct credentials to ensure documentation is in order, appropriate registration is carried out and financial transfers are conducted securely to the satisfaction of all parties.

Investment issues

Property purchased for inclusion in an investment portfolio is no less significant and in fact requires an equally high level of efficiency on transfer of ownership, not least due to the probability of buying and selling within a shorter time frame. Property market fluctuation might prompt an urgent sale and a mortgage loan facility that is inflexible can cause havoc on a short ‘turnaround’. Engaging the services of a mortgage loan specialist prior to purchase can smooth the path to a healthy investment program with maximum returns.